CYTE's CEO - Ghadah Angawi

Dr. Ghadah Angawi is a leadership expert with a focus on knowledge, education, and learning across the many professional roles in higher education, social and business organizations. She is also an accomplished trainer, facilitator, and team coach with a strong knowledge base in adult and continuous professional development. Her expertise and passion for leadership led to the development of the Coach Your Thoughts and Emotions™ learning paths with the vision of developing leadership from the ground up as it grows from the personal to the organizational.

Dr. Angawi’s leadership philosophy is about empowering individuals to purposefully navigate their many overlapping roles in life as well as developing skills and competencies that reflect their unique leadership challenges. Her research and development of leadership models such as CYTE and Neocharismatic leadership over the last 20 years as part of her PhD and professional practice is grounded in empowering effective leadership growth. 

Dr. Angawi’s 1000+ coaching hours guiding clients to tap into their leadership, years of training and facilitator experience, as well as her personal journey of transformation is how CYTE came about. 

Some of Dr. Angawi's clients include:

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