I will commit to all coaching sessions as agreed, book my session regularly and show up on-time. 

The amount of money paid is non-refundable except before the start of the engagement and with a medical excuse to cancel it. If this is the case, $50 will be deducted for admin.

The outcome of the coaching is in the form of thought, emotion and action plans that will help me achieve my coaching goals. I am alone responsible for the practice. 

Participants/clients responsibilities:

1. I am accountable for my own health and well-being before, during, and after the session. My decisions to take care of myself are an integral part of my goal achievement.

2. I am also aware that if I decided to end the engagement, I will lose the amount I paid unless it is for a medical emergency, at that point the coach will decide to keep the credit and use it for me in a future program. 

3. I understand that coaching is a professional relationship between coach and client. The purpose to achieve specific goals through partnering in a thought-provoking process. It is a deep and discerning process of a client’s inner beliefs and values. This may require transparency and trust. It also may require sharing some personal information with the coach. I am fully responsible for the information I share and how I share it as this will affect the way the coach will support me, understand me, and coach me. 

4. I understand that coaching is not a medical diagnostic tool, nor does it involve psychological assessments or therapy sessions. The coach may have tools depicted from other professions, but it may never be a substitute for real help. If I am under any medication, or drugs or medical prescription or session, I will consult with my doctor and seek permission to use coaching. 

5. I understand that coaching and what goes in the sessions between me and my coach is fully confidential and will not be shared with anyone except with my permission. 

6. Coaching is not a substitute for legal, medical, financial, or religious professions. My decisions are my full responsibility. My coach will not be held accountable for my own decisions in the coaching sessions. 

7. All the above is regulated by the International Coach Federation ICF ethical agreements signed by all coaches who carry an accreditation and are a member of this organization. Global Talent Academy LLC is registered in the USA, WI, and regulated by the state of Wisconsin. All coaches that coach on this platform are also regulated but the same ethical agreements of ICF or by their own accrediting organizations. Upon choosing a coach, only you the client will be responsible to report any abuse of ethical violations to us. We do not monitor or see what you both write to each other with respect to your privacy and theirs. Upon reporting, we take all complaints seriously and take action based on the situation. Thank you.

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