Coach your Thoughts and Emotions™

The first self-guided online coaching program for personal and professional development

Informative Videos and Powerful Exercises

Each of the sessions uses video modules as self-guided coaching sessions along with worksheets and biweekly live sessions to inspire your learning journey.

Empowering Coaching Questions

Coaching questions are integrated with the text throughout and at the end of each session. It is also what your coach will bring to you as they comment on your uploaded responses.

Assigned Coaches and forums for discussion

Each participant will be assigned an online coach for feedback and powerful questioning. Coaches and clients interact privately and on the forum posts. Add-on coaching sessions and EQ assessments will also be available.

Wondering if this is the coaching program for you?

If you want to develop your personal leadership and be able to address the challenges or mental barriers you face in a convenient, affordable, interactive, and on demand format, this program will guarantee that you achieve that as a return on your investment. Open up endless possibilities that can change your life forever.

The program consists of 8 coaching sessions

Session 1: Setting the Pace for Part 1

Learn how to use the platform, set your goals, schedule your sessions, and prepare to start your journey.

Session 2: Internal Beliefs

Open the dialogue within to examine what is anchored in your mind about yourself, your life, and the world around you.

Session 3: Perceptions

Relate your internal beliefs to your perceptions of the world and others, and the effects they have on your emotions.

Session 4: The Relation Between Thoughts and Emotions

Dive deep and examine every part of your cognitive-behavior to understand the causes and effects of your thoughts, and learn how to control what you think.

Session 5: Experience the Cycle of Change

Examine and apply behavioral change techniques through self-training in different situations, planning, creating intention, then practicing awareness.

Session 6: Practicing Choice Thinking

Focus on your thought processes and how they change to become behaviors and vice versa.

Session 7: The Six Obstructive Thought Patterns

Take a closer look at the major thought patterns that obstruct the personal change we aspire towards.

Session 8: Action Planning for Part 1

Consistent results in each of the sessions require the skill of planning and intentional behavior. Learn how to use this valuable skill in this session.

High-Five Progress

1. Watch the coaching introduction for each session

Each session begins with a 30-40 min coaching primer that will get you thinking and reflecting just as though you were sitting with a coach you would in a face to face session.

2. Complete the session activities by uploading them to your device

Channel creative and imaginative energy to complete tailored activities that help you learn the skills included with each session. Feel a sense of engagement as you submit them to your ICF-certified coach.

3. Reflect using your thoughts journal or forum to share what's important to you

Reinforce your learning by sharing your experiences, hopes and aspirations regarding the session topics, in order to foster a sense of community on your journey.

4. Apply the insights and techniques from the session and activities.

Venturing into the practical aspects of the program's skills entails applying the insights and techniques on the relationships and moments you wish you could experience and interact with differently!

5. Get feedback and see the progress of your efforts!

After you've tried and tested, you'll get additional feedback and reflective coaching questions from your coach on areas of improvement to focus on. This continues as long as you want and if you are willing to share your experiences. This is fully flexible with no time limit as long as you and your coach are available.

Benefits you'll get as soon as you sign up

Access to all the session materials with accompanying coaching questions

One-on-one written feedback and discussions with a coach

Access to participation in the CYTE forum simulating the group coaching session experience

Discounted coaching sessions, Emotional Intelligence and Personal Strengths assessments

A certificate of completion and lifetime access to the forum

Our signature coaching program

This program is designed by Dr Ghadah Angawi, an experienced certified coach who knows how personal leadership is crafted.

Coach your Thoughts II – Obstructive Thought Patterns

Frequently Asked Questions

From the experience of coaching hundreds of clients, most coaching issues boil down to the sessions we have devised here. In reality, the structure provokes other relevant issues and is just a guideline. The issues you bring to your coach are important, and you get coached as much as needed on what matters most to you. Your coach will be open to discussing almost any challenge you have, provided you are open and ready to examine your thoughts. 

Most clients will be on and off the session. What takes an hour in a face to face session could take weeks here. The best part of this approach is the continuity and consistency of support. This could mean you can still discuss the same issue over and over as you experiment with solutions in real life. You can always get feedback as much as you desire. Time is irrelevant as you work on your own pace. Face to face sessions are infrequent, so the client has to work on their own in between sessions. Online sessions improve on that, letting you call on your coach whenever you need.

We build assumptions and constantly seek to correct them as we learn more. Neither the coach or client are immune from assumptions, but the more they ask questions and clarify, just like in a face-to-face session, the better coaching becomes. Overtime, they build a relationship, that is why the annual subscription is recommended. Add to this the ease of recieving face-to-face coaching sessions when you need them. You also get to interact with your coach in biweekly meetings, ask questions, and recieve additional insights.

A coach is needed for challenges that can be solved better with the help of another person. By enlisting a coach, you  get more ideas, better clarity, and creative solutions backed by expertise. In many cases, all of these resources are rooted from you, but knowing your coach will support you and provide the space for you to create your own solutions gives you permission to do so. Coaching is a partnership that brings the best out of you both. The coach always learns from their clients and grows with them no matter how different they are. Coaching is wonderful, and having a determined coach will get you in the right mindset!

Unlock the Keys to Coach Yourself

"After years of coaching, training and professional experience, I've found that there is no skill more important and fundamental than personal leadership - and all good leaders know how to coach themselves."

Ghadah Angawi - Founder and CEO of Global Talent Academy and creator of CYTE

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