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The world is in moral confusion. You are pressed for time and action. You often feel you have lost your purpose and going off balance. No time to reflect or think about what is the right thing to do. No time for actual in-person coaching. Here is your personal coach at arm's reach!


What They Say about the Book

Sir Tim Wilson PhD Hon DEd Hon DSc FRSA DL

Emeritus Professor - UK

Sir Tim Wilson is widely recognized as one of the leading thinkers in collaboration between academic institutions and industry.

" The published studies of successful leadership define a hugely rich and diverse landscape of analysis and theory. Ghada Angawi's contribution to this landscape embraces the concepts of neo-charismatic leadership; leadership that creates organizational loyalty, trust and commitment through consistent consultation and engagement, enduring demonstration of ethical behaviors and authentic passion for human development. In the widest sense it defines successful leadership through the promotion of common ownership. Through the depth of her research and her proven expertise as a coach, she draws the key elements from several different case studies and articulates a leadership model that is clearly adaptable to many business and public service environments. 

It is an innovative, possibly disruptive, contribution to the published landscape of successful leadership styles.

Nancy Alexander MBA MA CMF

Lumenance Consulting LLC

Consulting and coaching for transformative organizations, teams, and leaders -USA

" Ghada Angawi has designed a brightly-lit road map of the journey to self-awareness. In humbly and honestly weaving the story of her own path to leadership within this guide, she demonstrates the very qualities, behaviors, and emotional connectedness she encourages in aspiring and experienced leaders and coaches. This handbook gives you the unique experience of having a coach and being a coach-leader simultaneously. Prepare to grow!".


What’s Inside the Book?

Why NCL is so crucial?

Learn the basic elements of the model. Understand where ethical leadership research is situated presently and how this model came to be. There has never been a better time to apply ethical leadership!

Start your NCL journey now!

With no time to waste and pressing matters for you as a leader, the book dives into its 15 sessions on preparing you through everyday situations to build your leadership skills as you start your transformational journey. 

Become your own NCL coach

As you venture into the model, you will practically apply the sessions to your leadership, discussions, team meetings and decision-making. The idea is to get you to learn in a unique but engaging way. 

About the Author

Ghadah Angawi Ph.D.

Ghadah Angawi work on leadership started with her passion to support leaders and unravel what makes a leader loved and followed by others. In her career of over 20 years in learning and leadership development and working along with leaders from various industries and levels at an international level, she produces this piece based on her original research on transformational leadership and what makes leaders effective. Know more about her here. 

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