Coach your Thoughts and Emotions®- Annual Subscription


Coach your Thoughts and Emotions®- Annual Subscription for Webinar Attendees


Coach your Thoughts and Emotions®- Monthly Subscription


Welcome to the #1 online coaching program!

A creative hybrid approach between online, in-person coaching, and online messaging.

You have access to 8 sessions until you accomplish and experience results.  This is equivalent to over 8 sessions of one-on-one coaching which can cost you up to $1000 with an experienced life coach. 

Can it get even better? It can, with:

  1. 24-by-7 access to online-coaching over the year
  2. A personalized response rate of 24 hours
  3. Discounted in-person online coaching sessions anytime
  4. Access to a variety of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)  Assessments like Development profile, Leadership profile, Strength profile, Brian profile, Talent profile, Spiritual EQ profile (SEQ)
  5. A vibrant community in a specialized, supervised forum
  6. An abundance of resources for personal development and growth
  7. Contact Dr. Ghadah Angawi personally anytime
  8. Bi-weekly group coaching sessions
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What? You Get to advance through the program, track by track as much as you can in a month’s time. Usually, a track takes at least two months which means 8 months of continuous non-stop work. So you will end up cramming yourself and not going through the process as you hoped.

who? This option works best for those who have in-person access to coaching and like to recommit and refresh, or have done personal life coaching and like to refresh their skills or gain extra support or like to take a taster of what it feels like to be there before they commit annually, or a person going through a personal challenge or transition.

How much? The price is higher than the annual. You get the comfort of paying smaller amounts though!

Time? Unlike the annual subscription, you can’t pause your subscription anytime. You will have 30 days to accomplish part of each track.


  • You will receive a certificate of completion for ‘the track’ you accomplished. No future credits can be granted with ICF or any other organization when we are eligible unless you finish all 4 tracks.
  • You won’t receive lifetime access to the CYTE forum or the FREE electronic copy of Dr. Angawi’s book ‘Coach your Thoughts and Emotions’.
  • You will still be eligible to take any EQ assessments during your valid subscription period and have access to discounted sessions with your coach.



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