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EQ SEI Self-assessment


This package includes a Six Seconds EQ Strength assessment and report, which will give you a deeper and more enlightened understanding of how to capitalize on your strength in navigating your thoughts and emotions in accompaniment with the CYTE program. Be prepared to share with your coach and let them support you throughout the sessions.



Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is proven not only to give you insight on your own self but to set you free from reactivity so you can choose how to respond to external stress. There are 25 years of research and published articles on EQ. This model we present here is based on the Six Seconds approach or the KCG model. Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, and Give yourself. Dr. Angawi is a certified assessor in a range of EQ assessments such as Brain Profiles, Brain Talents, EQ SEI 360 for leaders, and Spiritual EQ. If you desire to add more to the basic assessment please discuss with her personally in Contact.

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