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Cultural Values Assessment with Coaching


Neocharismatic Leadership Coaching Installment Plan – 12 sessions

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Neocharismatic Leadership Coaching


This is 12 sessions of  coaching over a year time with an EQ Leadership self-assessment for $4690

You pay at once when you engage. 

Why this product is for you?

You need to be empowered as a leader to take action and transform your leadership style with your team or organization. You are looking to double your potential for being an effective leader and requires full support on how to bring in a coaching culture or align your organization to it. In the meantime, you want to navigate the waters to reach that noble goal in life and fulfill your purpose. Coaching is an important part of your leadership development journey. I will support every decision you make and partner my knowledge and creativity with yours. Research shows that individuals who invest in a leadership coach achieve better results than those who don’t. Contact me for a free discovery session. This is just something I do for your comfort and to build trust between us. If you decide not to take the opportunity with me, I am sure you will do that for your own right reasons. My noble goal dictates that I touch your life no matter what your decision is, it will add valuable insight to you and me. If you decide to work with me, I will align your leadership roles and competencies with the Neocharismatic Leadership model that gives you powerful tools for transforming yourself and your organization.


While I coach you on your own desired goals, I also:

  1. Design creative and inspirational long-term and short-term goals through incorporating your own vision and values
  2. Create intrinsic value propositions through powerful questioning and challenging your perceptions and inner beliefs
  3. Walk with you the grey areas of ethical/moral uncertainties to support you in tapping into your own intuition and building your self-awareness
  4. Renew your commitment to the vision and ignite your passion to become an influential leader for a bigger purpose
  5. Make sure you are held to Neocharismatic leadership standards of performance
  6. Examine and observe your thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns to model excellence and effectiveness using NLP, CBT,  and EQ strategies, regardless if you took the assessment or not
  7. Coach you to learn how to coach your own team through levels of empathy as outlined in my book
  8. Coach you to notice and bring into action systemic coaching for your organization, through the Neocharismatic Model
  9. Work with you on establishing balance in your personal and professional life
  10. Support you in devising a sustainable development plan so you stay on track when our coaching ends

Please contact me for a FREE discovery session.


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