Neocharismatic Leadership: A Comprehensive Self Coaching Model


This book introduces the theory of Neocharismatic leadership through a conceptual framework based on research and literature review. This is followed by a gradient of leadership developmental sessions. In the folds, the sessions transcend the leaders to the Neocharismaitc leadership model application through a set of ten behavioral roles across 3 stages. In total, the book comprises of 32 self-coaching sessions that can be conducted by leaders themselves or by other coaches who work with leaders. This all comes alongside explanations, connotations and stories of success. The sessions allow leaders to connect with global and ethical issues and align them with their purpose. In essence, the book addresses, in its folds, the ethical and moral leadership behavior in modern organizations as they interact with stakeholders and make strategic transformational decisions that can affect the global community.


Offers 32 self-coaching sessions with simple success stories
Offers a user-friendly guide for leaders and coaches
Provides a set of questions in each session


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