Goal setting

Goals help you feel important in your life and set milestones in your journey. In this session, we concern ourselves with the goals that you would like to achieve in the CYTE journey

target, goal, aiming
“To achieve, one has to focus”

Determine at least three goals you can set off on your CYTE journey with and share them in the forum, make your goals measurable, meaning that you are able to feel their difference and see their result after having achieved them.

An example of a non-measurable goal: “I want to improve my thought patterns and how I deal with life”.

An example of a measurable goal: “I want to improve my thought patterns regarding my public speaking so that I can stand in front of an audience to present for 10 min, feeling that I am worthy and confident by the end of this program”.

To support you in arrivig at your goals, use this worksheet. When you are done, upload it to your coach to review. Coaching is easier and bound to get you result when your goals are specific and measurable. We call this contrating with your coach. Your coach will be abale to customize your experince here based on the clarity of your goals.

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